About Us

Sml. Zsa Zsa (2)An Australian Designer of handmade luxury leather goods. Our pieces are a celebration of a rich culture in leathercraft. All our articles are hand cut, hand assembled and hand finished, following the traditional methods of our fine craftsmen.Buyers have an opportunity to purchase a custom made item which can be a reflection of a time, a season or themselves. Inspired by the many faces and places of our world. Lambada has built a respected reputation by using luxury grade leather. The products are made from the highest selection of full-grain leather available on the market. This means that the skins are left in their 100% natural condition allowing for high-fibre strength and durability.

our leather


A soft and supple full grained leather, displaying the classic grain and texture of an authentic luxury leather article.


A smooth and rigid full grain leather. Wrinkle has a rich texture and is recognised as one of the more exclusive types of finished leather. Wrinkle creates a distinct luxe feel to a finished article.


A nappa leather finished with brave metallic colouring. Patent also comes under this category, it is leather finished with a waxy coating creating a high gloss effect.